Welcome to HPP Ashta

After a brief construction period of little more than 30 months, and only four years after concluding the concession agreement, the inauguration of Ashta hydropower plant took place in September 2012. With a high level of professionalism, open communication and reliability as well as excellent collaboration with the Albanian authorities, we were able to finalize this project in record time and with the highest standards of quality, environmental protection and safety.

HPP Ashta is a world innovation: it is the biggest power plant in the world to feature matrix technology. Hydro-Matrix technology (a small turbine roughly the size of a telephone box) enables an especially efficient utilization of water. HPP Ashta annually produce 240 million kWh of electricity. In this way, 100,000 Albanian households can be supplied with clean hydro power electricity.

This website provides an overview of project Ashta with the latest project news. 


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About EVN

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